Today, August 13, 2011, our chapter presented to the Williamson family the latest bloom named in honor of a Fallen Hero. 

SGT Patrick Williamson is named for their oldest child who would have turned 26 years old today.  Patrick, along with 6 other soldiers, were in Arghandab Valley, Afghanistan when enemy forces attacked their vehicle with an IED bomb, fatally injuring all aboard.






Sandra Theall, Leon "Buddy Williamson, Sybil Williamson, Buddy Short



According to his dad, Leon “Buddy” Williamson, Patrick was doing what he wanted.  “He wanted to be in the Army and be in the infantry since he was in fifth grade”.  Some things Mr. and Mrs. Williamson have said of their son...“Patrick embraced life enthusiastically.  He was loyal to his friends and a joy to his family.  He was an avid student of history, recalling the most obscure facts and dates with amazing ease.  He loved the outdoors, pulling pranks, anything to be with his beloved friends.  He had a quick smile and friendly demeanor when greeting friends or putting strangers at ease.  He was always true to his core values and had a quiet confidence that he carried with humility.  With his intelligence and aptitude scores he could have had any job in the Army.  He chose infantry because that is where he could experience the best training and make the biggest difference in his mission of protecting America from her enemies.”
Patrick was a 2004 graduate of St. Thomas More High School.  His mom, Sybil, said that Patrick was “very dynamic and a very happy person.  He would ‘fill up a room’ when he came in but for him there was ‘no place like home’.  Patrick loved his ‘red neck truck’.  She said he was always doing innovative things with it.  When the door hand broke, he repaired the handle by using a rope and a piece of a broom.  People don’t know how to get in or out of that truck.”


Patrick was loved and respected by his buddies in the Army also.  When he was stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington, he was known as the best cook by everyone.  He introduced all of his buddies to gumbo and other Cajun foods.  This past Thanksgiving, to honor him, his buddies called Mrs. Williamson and asked her how to put a gumbo together.  This is what the guys wanted for Thanksgiving to honor Patrick.


Patrick’s dad sums it up the best when he said “Patrick lays claim to a badge of honor that very few people can lay claim to:  having served his country honorably and well.  The rest of us can thank him because while the rest of us enjoy the fruits of freedom, he paid the price for it.” 




(Pic from the Daily Iberian)




Patrick Oliver Williamson is a true American Hero who represents the most honorable values in our country.  He is extremely loved and will be missed so very much by his family and friends.


  Cajun Blue Star




     Rum Runner