Caring for the Hibiscus


Growing hibiscus is an easy way to add a tropical flair to your garden. When you know how to care for hibiscus plants, you will be rewarded with many years of lovely flowers. 




Here are a few helpful hints to keep me smiling throughout this summer….


1.  When I get to my new home, put me in a location that is not in direct sun. I was recently in a greenhouse environment so gradually expose me to direct sunlight...


2.  Examine the bottom of my pot. For best results, my pot should always have plenty of drainage holes. Do not put me in a saucer as I do not like “wet feet”.


3. I am a hungry plant so feed me in small doses but frequently. Use a balanced fertilizer or one that has a higher potassium reading (last number) I do not like a bloom booster or fertilizers that are high in phosphorous.


4.  In South Louisiana summers, I will probably need to be watered every day with even a possible cool spray in midafternoon. As the temperatures start to cool off you should also taper off my watering.


5.  For best bloom results I like to be slightly root bound. You can move me up to the next pot size however avoid putting me in a much larger pot if my size does not support that move.


6.  If I should become stressed I tend to show my displeasure by pushing out yellow leaves. I am either, too hot or too cold; too wet or too dry; getting too much light or too little; too much fertilizer or too little. Try doing just the opposite of whatever procedure you were trying.


7.  I can stand a light freeze but if it is really windy and cold, I need to be brought inside where it is nice and warm. A greenhouse, garage or inside room, are best so long as I can still have some light. Once the temperature gets consistently below 55 degrees then my blooms will be much smaller and less frequent.