PFC David Burridge was 19 when he died on September 6, 2004.  According to his mom Yvette, David was a "hard worker and enjoyed helping people.  He was not like the average teenager who goes out carousing and drinking.  He enjoyed being with "old" people and hearing their stories."  She knew that she could always find him visiting with his grandparents.


"When a tornado struck the area, it was David who got in there and rebuilt the shed for his grandfather.  Also when he found out that someone associated with Winn Dixie where he worked had leukemia and had set up an area for donations, David signed over his paycheck to the family."  When he was born his mom was told that he was an "old soul" and that really was true with his willingness to help anybody who needed a hand as well as his love for older people.  David loved art and even helped design and put together a monument made of tiles in front of a school in the Lafayette area.


David left behind a younger brother Shawn as well as a sister named Brittany.

Buddy and Sandra present Yevette Burridge,

a framed pic of the bloom named

in honor of her son,  PVC David Burridge 





Mrs. Burridge has a wall honoring her son Mrs.Yvette Burridge

The seedling, PFC David Burridge is a cross between Rum Runner and Madame Dupont

PFC David Burridge