Maintenance Schedule

(These are only suggestions. You should monitor your own situation and modify for best results) 




(if in greenhouse)

  • keep temperature steady (60-65 degrees)
  • check for pests regularly
  • water lightly
  • fertilize lightly every second week
  • hybridize if blooming and check for pods
  • (if outdoors)
  • trim plants and mulch heavily
  • cover with trash cans, newspaper, blankets, etc….no plastic touching leaves.
  • water very sparingly
  • do not fertilize until frost is over
  • use Christmas tree lights for warmth if possible




  • plants should be removed from greenhouses. No direct hot sun for first week or so
  • Spray for bugs
  • re-pot or pot up if necessary with pots cleaned with bleach/water solution and fresh soil
  • resume regular fertilizing schedule; water according to foliage
  • if you are not competing….prune ends of plants for new growth
  • begin hybridizing if weather permits




  • water, water, water,
  • spray for pests early/late in the day
  • fertilize regularly
  • offer shade if possible  



  • hybridize if weather permits
  • trim/prune/re-pot plants with fresh soil before taking in for winter
  • spray plants before taking inside
  • give each pot Osmocote to tide through winter months.
  • water lightly (IMPORTANT…few leaves, little water)