Our chapter has embarked upon a 2011 and beyond project involving the fallen soldiers of Acadiana. 


We will create and name a new, one of a kind, hibiscus plant after each of the soldiers.  Once created and named, we will present to each family a framed and named picture of the bloom chosen.  Beyond that, we will register the named bloom with the American Hibiscus Society as well as with the International Hibiscus Society insuring that the named bloom could be viewed by anyone anywhere in the world just by using the Internet. 


The Fallen Hero Project is the brainstorm of Sandra Theall along with Buddy Short.  They are to be commended for such a noble and worthy project.  This is just one of the ways the Mike Bernard Acadiana Chapter of the American Hibiscus Society stands above the rest as we salute our FALLEN HEROES of Acadiana.  May we always remember them and their families as we thank them for their ultimate sacrifice. 


We will publish, with the family's permission, a copy of the bloom's picture and it's name in this space.