Hibiscus Care

We got these beauties.... First question we ask is "what is the best way to take care of them?"  Where to keep them? How much sun? How often to water and fertilize ??  All these are questions in our minds.  Here is some information that could help you make the right decision for your plants contributed by some experts from this field.  You can try some or all of these techniques and then develop what best work for you and be the expert for yourself.


Most of this article was picked from Hidden Valley Hibiscus newsletter.  I would expand this


Feeding and Fertilizing (by HVH)

Winterizing (by HVH)

How Much Sunlight do they need (HVH)

Proper way to prune your hibiscus (HVH)

The mystery of Potassium (HVH)

Surviving the heat (HVH)